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Willy Lott's Cottage and Flatford Mill, East Bergholt

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Willy Lott's Cottage is a 16th-century cottage in Flatford, Suffolk that famously features in John Constable's painting, The Hay Wain. The property is Grade I listed and located in the heart of Dedham Vale, a typically English rural landscape. The property is owned by The National Trust, if you are interested in it's history and association with constable there are guided tours which are scheduled to run at 12pm and 2pm daily.

Whilst Willy Lott's Cottage is the focus of this location, the hamlet of Flatford is incredibly picturesque and has lots to offer, indeed you will struggle to find a place which is more typically English. Flatford Mill, built in 1733 is a photogenic red-brick building which also featured in a number of John Constable's paintings from the 18th century. Finally Valley Farm which is the oldest building in Flatford is a medieval Great Hall House that was home to wealthy farmers up until the early 1900s.

Flatford provides a fantastic opportunity for photographers inspired by constable, why not try to recreate the idyllic scenes depicted in his paintings? Try to make the most of the River Stour and it's reflections in your composition.

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Flatford Mill

Flatford Road
East BergholtSuffolk CO7 6UL
United Kingdom

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