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Sand Hole / Powder Hole, South Gare, Redcar and Cleveland

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Sand Hole is the smallest of the three fisherman's 'lagoons' along South Gare.

It is the only of the three 'holes which has a beach (in a fashion) hence the name Sand Hole. It is also known as Powder Hole, as the location was used for loading of gunpowder to ships and submarines in the word wars. There isn't really a best time to visit, and it's never too busy along here, however lower tide works well for long exposures, as the boats will hardly move! Great for a sunset June - September as the sun sets almost directly behind Sand Hole in these months.

I visit here quite often, and I oft try to either challenge myself by using a fixed 50mm lens, or a telephoto in order to think more about different compositions. But wide angle works well too, at lower tide you can basically get any angle you could wish, as long as you have Wellington boots.

Plenty of industrial scenes, and interesting compositions you can try!


The Map Location shows the nearest parking place, and the bay is directly adjacent of this, as illustrated in the second photograph!


Sand Hole

United Kingdom

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