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Osmotherley is the archetypal North York Moors village; streets with trees and grass to each side, a cross in the centre, a couple of pubs and shops, narrow passages running between the houses, and the odd hen pecking around.

It stands at about 200m elevation on the western edge of the North York Moors National Park, with wide views across to the Yorkshire Dales. The village developed in the 1800’s as an overnight stop on the north-south drove road, and this location is responsible for its present popularity as a walking and outdoor centre; its the start (or finish!) of the famous Lykewake Walk, and on the Coast-to-Coast walk.

Osmotherley’s situation on elevated ground with a good water supply lent itself to the establishment of human habitation from an early period. The first real documentary reference to a settlement here is its listing as “Asmundrelac” in the Domesday Book in 1055, although archaeological evidence suggests human activity in the surrounding moorland from about 8000 BC. The name means a “ clearing belonging to Asmund “, and Domesday records arable land sufficient for 2 ploughs.

The church shows evidence of Saxon and Danish influences, before the Normans made a more permanent impression. Osmotherley then became part of the County Palatine of Durham whose Bishop was henceforth Lord of the Manor. Along with the rest of the district the village suffered from repeated Scots raids during the 13th and 14th centuries which no doubt destroyed many of the earlier buildings.


North York Moors National Park

Green Lane Northallerton
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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It stands at about 200m elevation on the western edge of the North York Moors National Park, with wide views across to the Yorkshire Dales.

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