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Loch Cluanie, Northwest Highlands

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Lying between Loch Ness and the Isle of Skye, Loch Cluanie is a loch in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland at the south-east end of Glen Shiel.

This location exhibits breathtaking scenery and sunsets that will leave you in awe. Unfortunately I was only able to capture this location from a moving bus using a phone, incidentally driving along the A87 which runs along Loch Cluanie was one of the most picturesque journeys that I have ever made! Consequently much of my advice comes from internet research.

In terms of lighting the best time to visit is at sunset; wonderful golden lighting illuminates the loch and surrounding mountains. I'm sure the location will change with the season and thus will be worth visiting all year round.

For a really dramatic shot try and capture the famous Cluanie Curtain loch phenomenon, whereby a bank of rainfall moves eastwards up the loch, however it rarely extends the full length of the loch.

The area is also a haven for wildlife, you may be lucky enough to see a Golden Eagle or even a Scottish Wildcat. 

Cluanie Dam (675m long and over 40m high) sits at the eastern end of Loch Cluanie and surely must be another location worth visiting.

If you are after local accommodation or food/drink try the Cluanie Inn.

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