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Guy's Hole, South Gare, Teesside.

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Just to the South of the better known Paddy's Hole on South Gare, is the smaller Guy's Hole. Its full of boats in various states of repair and surrounded by fishermans huts. At first glance it looks derelict, but it is obviously well used by the local fisherman. There are numerous photographic opportunities on the Gare including the dunes, the offshore Windfarm, fishermens huts and the industrial landscape. The Gare is a man made spit, built between 1860-1880 using 5 million  tonnes of slag from the adjacent steel works. It is fasinating to see how nature and man have taken this land for their own use.

Its doesnt matter wether its high tide or low, but sturdy boots or wellies are advisable.



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Guy's Hole

United Kingdom

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I love to come on these type locations for the beautiful photography and I like to see this place here. Now I am academised for this place and want to see some other beautiful locations for photography.