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Balloch Castle Country Park

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Balloch Castle Country Park lies within the 170 square miles which constitute the Loch Lomond Regional Park. The latter was designated in order to preserve the countryside, wildlife and traditional farming methods within the area. It is registered as an area of national scenic significance

The site of the castle you will visit is to the north east of the original Balloch Castle. Prior to the year 1652, Balloch in its entirety was owned by the Lennox family - from which have come nobles and monarchs. The bravery of the family was recognised after their involvement in the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. The original castle was built in 1238 by the Earl of Lennox and remained the family seat until approximately 1390 when they deserted it for the security offered by one of Loch Lomond's islands - Inchmurrin.
Unfortunately, nothing other than the dip of the moat and the mound where the original castle once stood remain. The present castle was built by John Buchanan in 1808 using the stone from the old castle. John Buchanan was a partner in the Glasgow Ship Bank. It was John Buchanan who began the work on the grounds which resulted in its present appearance.

Within the grounds of Balloch Castle Counrty Park, there are many attractions to suit everyone's taste. Apart from the castle itself, there are a number of affiliated houses - including the gatehouses, which are still standing, and the ruins of the gamekeeper's house. There is a beautiful walled garden that was primarily used for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables for use in the castle kitchens. The gardener's house no longer stands but has left its mark on the garden walls.

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Balloch Castle Country Park

1 Pier Road
BallochWest Dunbartonshire G83 8QX
United Kingdom

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