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Birnbeck Pier, Weston-super-Mare

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This is Weston-super-Mare's lesser known second pier, although was the first of the two to be built. It has been closed for some years now and has been gradually falling into the sea since. A shame really because in its hey day it was quite a spectacle. 

As long as you avoid the summer months, when tourism really takes hold, it is a year round spot. Probably better as an evening location though on a receding/low tide. 

There is a dodgy old set of steps that provides access to the rocky shore from the high sea wall above, and a short stumble will yield a number of good spots. Do watch the tide though, it comes in quickly and you really do not want to get caught out down there.

A wide angle lens is a better bet, this shot was at 35mm, and I could have done with it being a bit wider (21mm left at home for some insane reason!), to take in the point that the pier meets the land, which I think would have made for a slightly less disjointed finish. Still, there's always another day.....

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Birkett Road
Weston-super-MareNorth Somerset BS23
United Kingdom

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Jolly John's picture

Got there a couple of hours before sunset, set up tripod and relaxed.  A beautiful evening, and I had forgotten how magical rock pools can be!

Definitely worth a visit.

Jolly John's picture

I used The Photographers Ephemeris, timing spot on.  Great piece of FREE software.

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